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My name is Dana Curnan and I reside on the beautiful island of Kauai, with my family!  While living on such a beautiful island is truly a dream, I realized most people can’t afford to live here, or, if they want to afford to live here, she must work multiple jobs to just afford living!  What good is it to live on such an amazing island but not be able to enjoy it?

I want to show you – personally- how to take control of your time.  Time is our most precious asset, and I know everyone wishes they had more free time.  What would you do today – if money wasn’t an issue?  Are you doing that? If no, then why not??  In today’s society we are all so busy with our families, children, jobs, extra-curricular activities, church, outings, etc.  You name it – we are doing it!  But where does that leave us at the end of the day?  Tired, frazzled, and stressed!  And on top of that – not even a minute of relaxing or winding down!

How would it feel to DECIDE how to spend your day?  I want to show you how to achieve that Time Freedom component that everyone is searching for.  Think about that for a moment – Time Freedom – what does it mean to you – and how could that change your life?

Is this you? Are you currently in a MLM company, struggling to figure out how to manage your time or how to use your time to make money? Do you feel “too busy” to stay on track and maybe even thought about quitting your MLM company due to frustration?  Or are you in a job that you don’t exactly love, and wish you had more time to do things you DO love?  With my natural organizational and time management skills, I will show you – on a personal level – how to get the best use out of your time, and how to cut out “time wasters”.  The end result is more time freedom – and the best part is YOU get to decide how YOU spend your free time – family time, spa day, girl time, working out, hiking, sleeping, gardening, painting, dancing, traveling, or community involvement?  It’s up to you!  I would love to help you on a personal basis and help you get you to where you want to be!

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